PO two in one best rate ideal for Christmas spending

The Post Office has expanded its popular “two in one” combined credit card and best rate homeowner loan.

The credit card offering allows borrowers to convert their spending on the credit card via balance transfer to a best rate homeowner loan offer.

In addition to this unusual feature, the credit card also offers an introductory zero per cent APR on purchase transactions and balance transfer, with a best rate of 14.9 per cent after the first six months.

The Post Office will also provide free purchase protection insurance for all goods purchased on the card. The two in one is accepted internationally and carries no annual fee.

The card’s most original feature, however, is the ability to switch large purchases through balance transfer to a facility similar to a homeowner loan of between £500 and £2,000, at a fixed best rate of 6.8 per cent.

They are then able to repay the balance transfer over 12 months at what is one of the best rates on the market, when you compare credit cards.

“The Post Office two in one best rate card offers a unique and responsible way of spending, so is ideal for Christmas, especially for those larger purchases,” said Gary Fitton on the Post Office.

“The card offers all the benefits of a competitive credit card and with the fixed rate facility, offers shoppers the flexibility of managing the payment for larger purchases.”

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