Phishers target 18m current account holders

More than 27 million Britons have received a phishing email at some point, according to a new report.

Phishing is the practice of sending out emails that are designed to prompt someone to reveal bank or credit card details.

Just over 18 million people have received an email aimed at getting them to reveal their current account details, a study by payments website Paypal found.

However, less than one million were convinced enough to respond with private information.

The study also found that four per cent of Britons are unaware of what exactly a phishing scam is.

Michael Barrett, chief information security officer for PayPal, said: “Phishing emails are designed to target vulnerable people who perhaps do not know very much about using the internet.”

He added: “Phishers are using increasingly sophisticated ways to design phishing emails to lure people into thinking they have come from a trusted provider, such as their bank or credit card provider.”

PayPal is a website that allows payments to be made through the internet, eliminating the need for cash, cheques and postal orders.

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