Petrol prices fall in the UK yet increase abroad

Supermarket giant Asda have sparked a price war amongst the chain stores by reducing their costs at the pumps.

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Asda have announced that they are slashing the price of petrol by 2p a litre across the UK. Britainís second largest supermarket is rolling out the new price from tomorrow, guaranteeing that customers will not pay more thatn 132.7p a litre for petrol and 136.7p for diesel.

The 188 Asda filling stations will see a flurry of customers tomorrow as the price war begins. In response to the news, Morrisons announced that it was also reducing the cost of petrol by 2p and 1p per litre for diesel at ëmostí of their filling stations.

Tesco followed suit by reducing its prices by 1p per litre at that ëmajority of our stationsí.

The price of fuel peaked to record highs in May when the cost of petrol shot up to 137.43p a litre and 143.04p for diesel.

Petrol prices may be getting cheaper in the UK but it appears that driving abroad could cost more than you bargained for.

Those looking for cheap alternatives to flying this summer may be tempted to get behind the wheel for a road trip, however holidaymakers are being warned of soaring petrol prices.

The RAC recommends that travellers fill the tank before leaving the UK in order to keep costs down.

The cost of motoring abroad could be more expensive than in the UK. The pound is becoming increasingly weak against the Euro, sending petrol prices sky high.

The unfortunate exchange rate means that drivers face petrol prices higher in 8 countries than in the UK, including France, Italy and Portugal.

The cheapest Euro zone fuel can be found in Cyprus where petrol can be purchased for 112p a litre. Estonia, Slovenia and Luxembourg also offer cheaper fuel prices.

Turbulent economic times in Greece mean that fuel has taken a hit with the highest petrol prices (155p a litre) in Europe.

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