Personal touch ‘vital for a home’

Homeowners who wish to spend money on a home improvement project should do so in order to make it nicer for them to live in, an expert has said.

George Clarke – who presents Build a New Life and Channel 4’s The Home Show – said there are too many instances of people being persuaded to carry out work to suit a wide range of future possible buyers.

He observed: “All of a sudden you are redesigning your home as if it’s not for you and, actually, I think it has to be personal – it’s got to be about you and how you live.”

Those looking to carry out a home improvement may wish to look for a loan to fund it.

Mr Clarke noted that common trends at present include a move away from having open-plan houses and a growing popularity of real fires.

According to this year’s Halifax Home Improvement Survey, the average UK home improvement in 2008 cost £5,300.

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