Partners in the passenger seat drive each other crazy

Weíve all been there: that situation when your backseat driver or pessimistic passenger has doubted your driving abilities. However, the latest research has found that  ëhelpfulí driving tips from partners in the passenger seat, actually has an adverse affect on the driver.
The latest research from an insurance firm found that over half of women confess that having their partner in the car makes them feel stressed and nervous.
Men are not as affected by annoying nags and they admit to driving more carefully when their partner is in the car.
Despite this, some men canít stand their partners driving habits so much that they refuse to let them drive their car. A fifth of men said that this was because they do not rate their partners driving abilities as highly as their own.
Out of the 9% of men who wonít let women near the wheel, 26% of them feel their car is ëtoo powerfulí for their partner to dive.
However, the research points out that women are statistically safer drivers than men and are critical of this display of ëover confidenceí. The research found that 13% of women believe their partner is too confident on the roads and 10% say they are too fast or reckless.
“While men in relationships might feel more comfortable taking on the majority of driving, it is important that both men and women regularly get behind the wheel to ensure that their skills remain fresh,î said Heather Smith, Aviva’s director of marketing.
“As women are less likely to get behind the wheel when in a car with their partner and this has affected their confidence in their abilities, which shouldn’t be the case, particularly as other statistics actually show that women are safer drivers than men as they are involved in fewer accidents.î
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