Parents break the speeding rules to get their kids to school

Research from the Post Office has revealed that over half of parents in the UK are in a constant rush to get their children to school in the morning.

Frantic mums and dads on the ëschool runí will regularly break the speed limit to get their kids to class on time.

Road safety does not appear to be a huge concern when it comes to getting the kids off to school, as one in four parents have confessed to breaking the speed limit.

Accident rates are at their highest rate during school run times compared to more than any other time of day. However, 31% of dads who regularly dive their kids to school say they donít stick to the legal limit, compared with 19% of mums.

The research found that one in three are late at least once a week. Dads are also more likely to leave it late and rush the kids to school.

Panicked parents eager to get out of the house admitted they have driven through amber lights to get children to class on time.

13% of them said they have even parked illegally during the drop-off and a further 8% a confessed to not buckling up themselves or their children in the car.

Gerry Barrett from the Post Office commented; “Parents are often up against it to get their kids to school on time, and as the mornings get darker they might find the school run more of a struggle than usual. Mums and dads must put safety first and build enough time into their mornings to make the drive as safe and stress-free as possible.î

As temperatures drop and the mornings get darker, parents are urged to think before taking to the roads.
ìParents who do find themselves in a rush to get to the school gate on time in the morning should remember it’s better to be late than to risk lives on the road,î Mr Barrett continued.

Research from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents found that accidents are most common between 8amñ9am and 4pm-6pm.

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