Pace-man Freddie ducks a sharp one

England cricket hero Andrew Flintoff is the latest celeb sports star to escape a motoring penalty thanks to the services of ‘Mr Loophole’ lawyer, Nick Freeman.

The Lancashire quick bowler was caught by a motorway speed camera allegedly driving at 87 mph in a temporary 50 mph zone, but avoided a fine as the letter of prosecution sent to him was received later than 14 days after the offence. According to Mr Freeman it’s a way out available to many drivers but often overlooked.

Unfortunately for those errant motorists the reported £10,000 a day fee charged by Mr Freeman is likely prove too much of a stretch, and there’s no option but to cough up.

Not only will speedsters by slapped with a hefty fine, but they’re likely to face a serious hike in their car insurance premiums as well.

For those left to fight their own corner can offer some advice.

Points don’t mean prizes

With the number of speed cameras continuing to rocket across the country more and more drivers are getting stung for speeding. More than two million convictions resulting in points being applied to licences were issued last year.

If you’ve been given points for speeding they’ll stay on your licence for at least three years, and it’s important to remember that it’s your responsibility to declare them to your insurer when you renew or take out a new policy.

While it may be tempting to brush the incident under the carpet your policy could well be invalidated and many insurers will issue lump fines for non-declaration which could be as high as £500.

Time to look elsewhere?

Given the increase in the number of people being prosecuted for speeding offences, insurers are tending to deal more lightly with first time offenders, but you’re still likely to see a jump in your insurance premium if you’ve been prosecuted.

Three points on your license can easily add 15% to your premium, and if you’re already in a high-risk category that can equate to a substantial sum.

The good news, though, is that there are no set rules when it comes to bumping up car insurance premiums so some providers will be offering a better deal than others. Consequently if you’ve been caught speeding it’s important to shop around when the time comes to renew your insurance policy.

Switching pays

In fact, whether you’ve been prosecuted for a speeding offence or not, when it comes to car insurance it’s always worthwhile looking for a better deal as providers almost always give the best deals to new customers.

Research from recently found that six million people have chosen to switch car insurance provider in the past six months, and doing so is certainly a wise move.

The only way insurance providers can offer attractive deals to new customers is by bumping up the premiums their existing ones so by switching you may be able to save yourself up to 30%. When it comes to car insurance, loyalty certainly doesn’t pay.

Better to be safe than sorry

Clearly the ideal solution for keeping your premium in check is to stick within the speed limit and follow the laws of the road. Motoring is a costly enough business already without worrying about extra fines and higher insurance premiums, and irresponsible driving threatens not only you but other road users as well.

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