Owners of several cars “drive more cautiously”

Families with two or more cars are 22 per cent less likely to be involved in a crash than if they owned just one vehicle, according to Admiral.

Research by the insurance specialist revealed that cars belonging to households with more than one vehicle are worth 27 per cent more than cars from a single-vehicle household.

Managing director Sue Longthorn remarked: “Having spent more on their car, perhaps they drive more cautiously in order to protect their pride and joy.”

Families with one car are 32 per cent less likely to park their car on the street and therefore may be less likely to be crashed into, she added. Driving safely and protecting cars while parked could keep car insurance premiums low.

The research also found that over a third of all UK households own more than one vehicle which equates to around seven million families.

According to Government figures, the number of road accidents decreased by five per cent between 2005 and 2006.

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