‘Over 55s would rather change their finances than their health’

In a survey of over-55s, 18 per cent admitted their finances would be the one thing they would like to change, compared to 17 per cent saying it would be their health.

The survey conducted by Bradford & Bingley revealed that nearly four out of ten surveyed wish they had started saving earlier.

A third said they regret not investing money in property and 27 per cent wish they had started a pension earlier.

Paul Whitlock, head of savings at Bradford & Bingley, said: “It appears many over-55s do have something they regret, but in most cases it is not too late to do something about it.”

He explained that by putting money in a savings account people can save money for travelling or a permanent move abroad.

The research follows an announcement by credit reference agency Callcredit that debt amongst the over-60s is accelerating faster than in any other age bracket.

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