Over 55s may need help to get most from online deals

Over 55s may need help from technology-savvy people to help them find the best deals if they find it difficult grabbing a bargain, it has been suggested. Online comparison sites are a great way of finding the best deals on personal loans. However, for those who are not well-versed in using the internet, the idea of comparing different financial products online can be a daunting prospect.

According to CashQuestions.com, some top deals are to be found online, and for those who have not tried using the web before, it is not as daunting as they might imagine. Annie Shaw, editor of the site, said: "There are some of the best deals on the internet and I would encourage anybody who doesn't have the internet to have a go, it is not as scary as you think it is."

However, she added that those who are not comfortable using modern technologies, getting younger, technology-savvy people to help with research could be an alternative to "walking up and down the high street". "Get a young person to do the research for you and to help you do the initial investment, if you are investing a larger deposit," Ms Shaw said. "If you just intend to leave it there, just get someone to help you to do it."

She was speaking after a Daily Telegraph column indicated that many people over the age of 55 are missing out on competitive rates and savings by failing to shop online. When using the internet to look at loans and other financial products, remember to:

– Include any additional charges in your calculations on top of the headline rate
– Compare all aspects of the product, not just the price
– Consider that some of the best deals will only be found on sites such as moneyexpert.com

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