One in ten drivers does not have spare key

More than ten per cent of drivers do not have a spare key for their car, a recent study has found.

This leads to a collective annual bill of around £98 million for a replacement key, the report from car insurance provider Britannia Rescue – a division of LV= – reveals.

According to the company, it is now four times more expensive to replace a lost key than it was a decade ago.

This is because the technology that is used in them has become so much more complex, according to Britannia Rescue spokesman Martin Milliner.

He remarked that accessing vehicles built since 1998 “is generally more time-consuming and expensive for drivers due to the introduction of increasingly sophisticated alarms, immobilisers, and shielded locks”.

“The cost of getting back behind the wheel could really rocket if work is needed on the ignition or security system as well,” he added.

He advised drivers to take sensible precautions by having a spare key and keeping it “in a sensible place”.

According to Department for Transport figures, there are more than 27,800,000 vehicles on UK roads.

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