One-minute journeys cost over £1 million a week

The UK is fast becoming a nation of one-minute motorists, spending more than £1 million a week on short car journeys.
Almost a third of drivers admit to making weekly car journeys of less than 0.5 miles.

The latest study from Santander found that one in three motorists feel guilty as a result of these short journeys. 

As the cost of fuel continues to spiral, motorists are paying the price for journeys of half a mile or less. In fact, this practice costs UK motorists an estimated £1.1 million each week, with experts warning recently that petrol prices could be heading towards 145p per litre by next summer.

Petrol prices at the pump hit a record high earlier this year of 137.43p a litre for unleaded. However, Brian Madderson, Chairman of RMI Petrol, believes that prices could be set to increase significantly.

Despite this, an estimated 58 million drivers continue to make half-mile car journeys every year. Despite the financial and environmental impact of this action, only 35% feel guilty about the journey.

Callum Gibson, Managing Director at Santander Cards, commented; “Despite soaring fuel costs, many motorists still give in to the temptation of using the car to make journeys that only take 10 – 15 minutes by foot.î

ìWhile people should try to reduce their car usage where possible because of the environmental impact, it is a vital resource for many people who are less able to get about or who live in rural areas, particularly as the evenings draw in and the weather gets colder.î

At a time when household finances are squeezed, motorists should be looking for ways to save money.

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