One million drivers ‘have forgotten how to drive’

In a worrying piece of research, car insurance provider Churchill has found that more than one million drivers claim to have “forgotten how to drive”.

A survey of motorists who drive on an infrequent basis found that more than 40 per cent admitted to being rusty when they get behind the wheel.

And one in ten were found to have left a gap of between one and two years between passing their test and beginning to drive regularly.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly 60 per cent said they would prefer not to drive on busy roads or in cities if they could avoid it.

Frances Browning, spokesperson for Churchill Car Insurance says: “Motorists getting back behind the wheel after a break from driving can find it daunting.

“Drivers need to be able to handle a range of different road and traffic situations, which only regular practice can help with.”

Meanwhile, Admiral has warned that car insurance premiums are likely to rise above inflation this year.

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