Older people advised to be aware of hidden costs of travel insurance

Brits aged over 55 have been urged to be aware of hidden costs when shopping online for travel insurance.

That is because some travel insurance companies charge more if the sale is conducted through a call centre and if the customer has a pre-existing medical condition.

Such is the suggestion of Stewart Rioch, general manager of travel insurance policies at Staysure (www.staysure.co.uk), which was formed in 2004 to provide insurance to those aged over 55.

He said: “Look for companies that include some medical conditions free of charge and be conscious of age bands, usually in five-year intervals, as prices rise significantly from one to the next.”

Other ways in which older people can save money on their travel insurance is by looking into an annual policy.

This could be an option for those planning to travel more than once over 12 months.

On May 22nd, consumer champion Which? revealed that a quarter of firms surveyed that offer annual travel insurance would not cover people in their 60s.

It was also found that nine out of ten travel insurance companies would not cover consumers in their 80s as they are too old.

Brits of any age should be able to find travel insurance and they may like to use a price comparison site, such as MoneyExpert.com, to find cover.

That is because consumers can type in all their details once, including age, and see all the available policies and their prices listed in one place.

People aged over 55 may want to ask younger relatives or friends to help them go online and search for good deals, if they are wary of doing so.

Annie Shaw, editor of cashquestions.com, recently stated that the best deals can be found online and that the internet does not need to be scary.

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