Number of road users without a driving licence increases

The number of motorists taking to the roads without a driving licence is increasing, according to new statistics. The motorway disaster, which occurred on Friday last week, is a wakeup call to everyone about the need to drive safely.

A 34-vehicle pileup on the M5 killed seven people on Friday in what is believed to be the biggest motorway incident in Britain since 1991. The accident left up to 51 people injured, with 17 seriously injured people being treated at a hospital in Taunton.

A fuel spillage led to a large fire consuming multiple vehicles. It is now being argued that a cloud of smoke from a nearby fireworks display may have been a large contributory factor to the crash.

The wet weather and fog in the area may also have reduced visibility for the drivers involved. It is currently unclear exactly what caused the initial collision.

The unfortunate event has prompted the government to rethink the proposed 80 mph speed limit amid safety concerns.

Dangerous Drivers

Following news of the crash, research from a price comparison website has found that 1 in 8 people know someone who is currently driving without a licence. 

Shockingly, 20% of people said they canít even afford to take their driving test. A further 13% of motorists canít afford car insurance either.

Gareth Kloet, Head of car insurance at, said;  “A new shocking trend is emerging where people no longer bother taking their driving test. As the price of car insurance increases, we are seeing that the rate of people taking driving tests is falling.î

ìThis is worrying as its suggests not only that drivers are going to be tempted to drive uninsured but now they might be tempted to not even take their driving test in the first place.”

There has also been a dramatic fall in the number of people learning to drive in a short period, as well as a huge rise in the general cost of motoring. With the current economic climate it may come as no surprise that many are struggling to keep up with motoring costs. However, this does not give warrant to drive without a licence or insurance.

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