‘Not so comprehensive’ insurance

Motorists who take out a comprehensive insurance policy may not be as well protected as they think, new research reveals.

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba) carried out analysis, on behalf of Financial Mail, which revealed that many formerly standard features have gradually disappeared from policies.

Biba spokesman Graeme Trudgill said: “All the advertising is about price. It’s no longer focused on providing the right financial protection for the motorist,” adding that consumers should consider paying higher premiums to ensure features relevant to them are included.

The research found that the likes of third-party liability cover for driving other vehicles and policy extensions for trips abroad were no longer standard features of comprehensive car insurance.

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance this week advised the 17 per cent of motorists who intend to drive their cars abroad this year to notify their insurer in advance, in order to confirm that they are adequately covered.

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