Car insurance holders increasingly involved in rear-end bumps

There has been an increase in the number of motorists being involved in rear-end bumps, which may mean they have to make a claim on their car insurance.

According to Admiral, a car insurance provider, there are around 405,000 rear-end bumps in the UK every year, accounting for one in four car accidents.

It was found that 27 per cent of drivers who made a claim on their car insurance in 2010 did so because another car had driven into the back of their vehicle. This was a nine per cent increase on 2009.

Sue Longthorn, managing director of Admiral, stated that these accidents tend to occur more frequently because of slow moving traffic and motorists losing patience.

Rear-end shunts can be quite dangerous, as the driver can often suffer with whiplash. This costs car insurance companies £1.9 billion a year.

Ms Longthorn also warned drivers to be aware of 'slam on accidents' which happen when a fraudulent motorist unexpectedly stops, causing the car behind to drive into them.

She said: "It's very difficult to prove incidents such as these so we would advise all motorists to be aware they are on the increase and be vigilant.

"There are unscrupulous drivers out there causing slam on accidents so it's important to keep your distance from cars in front."

Fraudulent car insurance claims have to be covered by motorists in general. They add around £44 on every driver's annual premium.

Some motorists may want to shop around for car insurance rather than automatically renewing with their current provider in order to save money.

They can do this by using a price comparison site, such as, as drivers only enter their details once and all the current premiums on the market are listed with quotes.

Recent research by found that taking out a separate car insurance policy for two vehicles may work out cheaper than obtaining multi-car insurance.


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