Car Insurance for Young Female Drivers

Car Insurance for Young Female Drivers

Young female drivers have, over the last couple of years, experienced possibly the biggest hike in car insurance costs of any other group.

We’ll explain why this is, as well as how to keep your premiums as low as possible.

Statistics show that young drivers (aged 17-25) are more likely than their older counterparts to be involved in traffic accidents. The severity of accidents caused by this age group is also worse than those caused by older drivers. Indeed, a third of all fatalities on the road are caused by drivers between the ages of 17 and 25.

Since the insurance premium is worked out based on statistics related to the frequency and severity of accidents that may occur, the above means that as a young female driver, you can expect to be placed in the highest cost bracket there is when insuring your vehicle.

Young Female Drivers vs. Young Male Drivers

Until relatively recently, as a young woman, you could have expected to pay less than a male of the same age for your car insurance. This is due to statistics that show that male drivers are responsible for far more accidents than their female equivalents, the most shocking of which tells us that a staggering 92% of all traffic related convictions in the UK apply to men.

However, legislation recently introduced by the European Court of Justice’s Gender Directive now forbids insurance companies from taking the policy holder’s gender into account when calculating their premium.

This will come as unwelcome news to many newly qualified female drivers, but fear not, for there are still ways to take advantage of what the statistics show regarding the frequency of accidents caused by males and females respectively.

Black Box Insurance

One of the most straightforward ways to save on your car insurance as a young female is to opt for a black box, or telematics, insurance policy. This is a particularly good option for those who are confident in their ability to drive carefully and by the book.

When you take out one of these policies, the insurance company will install a √ęblack box’ in your car; a device that monitors your speed (with reference to the speed limit), mileage, braking and cornering data. This allows them to put together an accurate picture of you as a driver, and to adjust your premium accordingly, reducing costs by large amounts for those who drive well and not excessively.

Other ways to save include:

  • Choosing an older vehicle with a smaller engine, placing it in the cheapest possible of all 50 groups that insurers place vehicles in when working out premiums.
  • Adding a named driver (and older, more experienced third party) to your policy.
  • Taking a Pass Plus course, educating the driver on general safe driving practises, demonstrating due care and attention to the insurer.

As a general rule, the best way to save money is by shopping around online, in particular by using free car insurance comparison services like ours to make sure that you find the best deals available.

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