Car insurance certificate can prevent confusion, motorists advised

Motorists should keep a copy of their car insurance certificate in their vehicle at all times, according to an industry website. has warned drivers that if they do not have a copy to hand, they are risking a fine and possibly the confiscation of their vehicle if they are stopped by police.

This particularly applies to drivers that are newly insured, having bought their premiums in the last fortnight or so.

According to the website, car insurance providers are required to register a driver’s details with the Motor Insurance Database within ten days of the premium being bought.

However, system or human errors can sometimes prevent this and lead to a driver mistakenly showing up as uninsured when law enforcement officials run checks.

James Harrison, chief executive of, said: “Every driver can avoid hassle and embarrassment by simply keeping photocopied proof of insurance in the glove compartment as soon as they receive the certificate from the insurer.”

Meanwhile, research by car insurance provider Admiral has found that being caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel adds around £100 to the cost of the average annual premium.

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