New study suggests cancer survival rates are increasing

The latest research from Macmillan Cancer Support has revealed significant improvements in the survival rate for certain types of cancer. Patients who need long term care could opt for Private Medical Insurance (PMI) during tough times.

Survival rates for some forms of cancer, including breast and colon cancer, have improved dramatically over the last 40 years.

Macmillanís research found that people now live nearly six times longer after their cancer diagnosis compared to 40 years ago. The median survival rate has increased by a staggering one to six years!

This is a significant breakthrough in research, however, it was also found that there has been a ëwoefulí lack of progress for other types of cancer. This includes lung, brain and pancreatic cancer, which have shown little survival rate improvements over the same period.

With some types of cancer proving to be less responsive to treatment than others, this creates a ësurvival lottery.í
Ciar·n Devane, Chief Executive of Macmillan Cancer Support, says;
ëThis research is a huge breakthrough in seeing the real picture of how long people are living after a cancer diagnosis.

ëBut the good news is tempered by the shocking variation between cancer types.î

ìAfter treatment ends, many patients feel abandoned by the NHS as they struggle to cope with the long-term effects of cancer treatment.î 

ìThe NHS really needs to recognise cancerís long-term impact on peopleís lives, to plan better services and to develop more personalised care. We need services which keep people well and at home, not services which sort the problem when people arrive at A&E.î

The NHS is currently under huge pressure during the winter months and official figures from the Office for National Statistics found that an estimated 25,700 excess deaths were mostly linked to circulatory and respiratory diseases.

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