New service to save ISA investors hundreds

Investors will save as much as £350 on shares ISA investments under a new service available through The independent financial comparison website has launched an investment comparison service for consumers.

Customers who sign up to the new service will be able to save all of the initial commission on new investments, which can be as high as 5%, as well as track the performance of other funds.

Savings on the initial commission of a fund ISA can be as much as £350 for those who invest the full £7,000 allowed each tax year. Savers have until April 5th 2007 to invest their ISA allowance in this tax year.

The new service provides tools to help consumers organise their investments. This includes an easy-understand method of assessing fund performance using the same criteria used by investors themselves.

Sean Gardner, Chief Executive of, said: ìOur new investment service will allow investors to make sense of the complex world of fund management. It sounds complicated and most of the time it is complicated ñ which is why the tools we provide will be useful.

ìUsers will save money and receive more information about managing their funds without getting lost in the jargon of investments and fund performance. It can be quite daunting so hopefully we can encourage consumers to join the savings race as well as helping those in the race to perform better.

” The new service is powered by Skipton Financial Services (SFS) SFS provides access to over 1,000 unit trusts, open-ended investment companies and ISA funds, allowing clients who buy online to receive 100% rebate on initial commissions. Compare investments today

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