New research reveals winter rituals of a 'Hiber-nation'



New research reveals winter rituals of a 'Hiber-nation'

New research reveals how Brits prepare in the lead up to winter.

o    Swapping light duvets for thick winter ones is the nationís top winter ritual
o    Britsí favourite at-home winter activities are watching TV and eating hearty meals
o    One thing most people are overlooking when preparing for winter is energy shopping
o    Brits could save up to £200 if they made energy shopping a winter ritual

With three quarters (75%) of Brits spending more time snuggled up at home in the colder months, new research from energy regulator Ofgem reveals Britsí top winter rituals and shows we are a ëhiber-nationí. Top of the ëwinter ritualsí list is swapping to thicker duvets (47%), moving from summer to winter wardrobes (46%) and storing garden furniture (38%).

Practical energy saving actions such as bleeding radiators (27%), and buying draft excluders (10%) also feature, which is not surprising, given that 71% of the average annual gas bill  and 54% of the annual electricity bill  comes from the winter months.  But one thing that the majority of people donít do is shop around for their energy, with less than a quarter (23%) naming this as a winter ritual.

The survey, commissioned as part of the ëBe An Energy Shopperí campaign, also asked Brits about their favourite at-home activities during the winter months.  With X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing dominating the schedules, it was hardly surprising that six in 10 (60%) said watching television was a favourite activity. This is followed by swapping summer salads for warm hearty foods like roast dinners (52%) and drinking hot drinks (40%).

The research also reveals that if Brits had an extra £200 to put towards getting their home hibernation-ready, almost half would store it away in savings (49%), followed by redecorating (13%) and investing in new winter clothes (12%).  Making energy shopping a winter ritual could help people make these dreams a reality, as there are currently savings of up to £200 to be made from switching to a better deal. The Be An Energy Shopper website provides top tips and advice on how to start shopping around for gas and electricity.
Prof. Isabelle Szmigin, consumer expert and Be An Energy Shopper spokesperson commented: ìOnce October arrives, Britain becomes a hiber-nation, where comforting rituals help keep us feeling warm during the winter months.

Because of these rituals - whether itís buying a new winter wardrobe, thicker duvets or getting the house ready for Christmas - we all notice an increase in our spending.

However, when it comes to winter energy bills, people donít seem to naturally think they can make a saving ñ shopping around for energy could make a huge difference to Brits, leaving them with some extra money to enjoy this winter.
Top winter rituals:

1.    Swapping light duvets for thicker winter duvets ñ 47%
2.    Swapping summer wardrobes for winter wardrobes ñ 46%
3.    Putting away garden furniture ñ 38%
4.    Swapping flip flops for boots/socks for tights ñ 36%
5.    Adjusting heating systems (eg swapping air conditioning/fans for heating) ñ 34%
6.    Bleeding the radiators ñ 27%
7.    Clearing the gutters ñ 17%
8.    Storing away suntan lotion and replacing it with winter-ready thick moisturisers ñ 12%
9.    Swapping the BBQ for the oven ñ 11%
10.     Setting times on lamps and lights around the house ñ 11%

Top at-home winter activities:

1.    Watching TV ñ 60%
2.    Preparing and eating warm, hearty food instead of summer meals ñ 52%
3.    Preparing and drinking hot drinks ñ 40%
4.    Wearing comfy pyjamas ñ 36%
5.    Taking advantage of the longer nights by having longer lie-ins ñ 21%

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