New regulations for bailiffs

The government has taken steps to clear up the confusion over bailiffs rights of entry to houses, a minister has declared.

A “strict new licensing regime” will be introduced to define what actions bailiffs may take in recovering a debt, said constitutional affairs minister Vera Baird.

Under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill, which is currently moving through the legislative process, bailiffs will need to be licensed by an independent regulator before they are able to apply for rights of entry to homes.

Even then the request will have to receive prior approval from a judge before a right of entry is granted.

This has been a subject of some confusion in the past, with Ms Baird acknowledging that “concerns have rightly been expressed about the right of bailiffs to force entry to people’s homes”.

According to Ms Baird, the new Bill will protect “some of the most vulnerable people in our communities”.

A recent report from the Office of National Statistics concluded that many people are being forced into debt by high costs of living in the UK, rather than excessive spending on luxury items.

The compilers of the report also expressed concern that people were being forced to turn to doorstep lenders in order to make ends meet.

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