New measures on uninsured drivers backed

New plans by the government to deal with the scourge of uninsured driving have been welcomed.

The Department for Transport has said that those paying car insurance have to fork out an extra £400 million a year in additional premiums due to the actions of such drivers, who are responsible for 160 deaths and 23,000 injuries a year.

It will remind uninsured drivers of the need to get cover, fine offenders £100 and have cars taken away and destroyed if motorists do not respond.

Technical and corporate affairs executive at the British Insurance Brokers’ Association Graeme Trudgill said the move is “fantastic news that will lead to safer roads for all”.

He reminded motorist of the importance of getting insured.

However, Direct Line Insurance was unimpressed by the proposal, saying that the fines could be as little as £50.

It noted that this was much less than the charges levied for the non-payment of TV licences, for dodging a London bus fare or breaching the ban on smoking in public places.

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