My Credit Card, My Rewards

There are numerous credit cards circulating the market which offer consumers rewards for their spending, whether they are through discounts, a pointís scheme, or Airmiles.

Take a look at some of the best reward credit cards out there to find one that suits your spending habits so you can treat yourself to a meal out, or even a holiday.

AA Credit Card

This rewards card from AA is at the top of most of the best buy tables as the offers it provides customers with are truly unbeatable and widespread. 

Customers using the AA Credit Card will receive one point per £1 spent on motoring products and one point per £2 spent on all other purchases. So whatever you spend your money on you will be sure to receive points for doing so.

The rewards available from these points too are varied depending on what you enjoy doing.  You can use the points to redeem cash back, to spend on treats such as spa days, exchanged as vouchers to spend on the high street for a splash of retail therapy, or for accessories such as car racks or kettles. Credit Card

Yes, thatís right, have released a credit card, and it a good one too.  This card truly is unique though, and if you are not interested in purchasing any items from the website then this card is not for you.

However, if all you do in your spare time is scout the internet for DVDs and electronic goods then this card will give you one point for every £1 spent on anything, plus two points for any £1 you spend on 

To receive a £10 gift voucher you need to earn 100 PlayPoints.  Customers can use these vouchers to spend on over eight million products.

American Express Credit Card

This rewards credit card from American Express offers customers the chance to earn points on items they have to buy such as groceries, and earn points to be able to spend free of guilt on things they want to buy, such as clothes and shoes.

Card users can earn three points for every £1 spent in a major supermarket up to £500 per month, two points for every £1 spent in leading Department Stores, and one point for every £1 spent everywhere else.

5,000 points will give you £25 worth of gift vouchers which you can spend in a variety of popular retailers.  While extra bonus points are available if customers spend £500 each month in the first three months of opening the card -18,000 bonus points are up for grabs ñ the equivalent to £90 worth of gift vouchers.

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