Music ‘can help driver safety’

Listening to music while at the wheel can help prevent car accidents, according to new research from Sainsbury’s Car Insurance.

The study shows that for 84 per cent of drivers, listening to music helps them to relax and for 65 per cent of respondents, having tunes on in their car helps drivers to keep awake.

However, Sainsbury’s Car Insurance does warn that having music on in a car can also prompt 4.5 million people to drive faster and distracts around one in every ten people.

Commenting on the research, Lucy Hunter, a manager at Sainsbury’s Car Insurance, said: “Motorists clearly enjoy listening to music when they drive but it’s important to recognise the effect it has on your driving and pick your music accordingly.”

Those looking to protect their car insurance premiums may also be interested to read that Ms Hunter states if motorists start to feel tired, they should take a break rather than turn on their favourite track.

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