Moving house damages UK economy

More than £500 million is wiped off the value of the UK economy every year as a result of people moving house, it has been claimed.

People apparently find the experience so stressful that it often impacts on their productivity at work.

Altogether, four in ten respondents to a survey by estate agents Your Move said that they felt their productivity had suffered at work during a move.

Mike Ockenden, director general of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP), said that moving home has been shown to be nearly as stressful as “ill health, relationship breakdown and bereavement”.

And he added: “Even a very conservative analysis reveals that if a 10 per cent loss of productivity is experienced by 40 per cent of all people involved in the house moving process, the cost to the economy is over £500 million a year.”

In related news, AHIPP recently stated that estate agents will need to embrace the new home information packs “in order to maintain a thorough, professional service”.

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