Motorists turn monstrous as road rage takes over

New research suggests that road rage has reached entirely new levels on British roads recently.

A study by Admiral found that British drivers cannot contain their rage as more than one in ten have followed another driver, and a similar figure have gone on to attack another driver.

Nearly three quarters of drivers admitted they get angry with other motorists when theyíre behind the wheel.

“It’s bad enough letting yourself be annoyed by other road users, but following them or even worse, attacking them is crazy. You have to ask yourself is it worth getting that upset at other drivers? Will getting angry achieve anything other than raising your blood pressure?î, said Sue Longthorn, Admiralís Managing Director.

A poll of 3,000 UK motorists revealed that 72% of drivers confess to feelings of frustration whilst on the roads. A further 76% vent their feelings by shouting at other drivers and more than half (52%) make offensive gestures.

Road rage is not just a trait which is exclusive to male drivers either. The study found that women are more likely to feel angry whilst driving. However, men are the most likely to make abusive comments and gestures to motorists who drive them wild.

The study found that 9% of drivers admitted to attacking another driver and the same figure said they had been attacked by another driver. Despite all this hostility on the roads, 42% of drivers would not consider themselves to be an angry individual. Despite recognising the signs of road rage, 68% of drivers admit to feeling guilty when they actually show their frustration.

The research also suggest that the most irritating driving trait is tailgating, followed by being cut off. General rudeness to other road users also causes anger. Most people are likely to suffer from road rage if they are in a rush, driving on an inner city road or stuck in a traffic jam.

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