Motorists issued car insurance warning

Car owners who modify their vehicles should always inform their insurer, as many seemingly simple style additions can affect car insurance premiums, an insurer states.

Young drivers who want to stay ahead of the trend for spoilers, tinted windows and allow wheels could be at particular risk of finding themselves under-insured, says.

Its recent research revealed quotes for cars with and without modifications cold differ by more than £1,000 for a 20-year-old male driver of a VW Golf 1.5l.

Modifications that could also affect premiums include lower suspension and strip under-lighting or “underglow neon”.

Head of car insurance at the firm Will Thomas said: “As car modifications become more popular with young drivers, it is important that they are made aware of the ensuing cost of car insurance.”

He also advised that modifications not listed on the policy could render it void in the event of an accident.

The Daily Record recently reported a warning from Safeguard Insurance that some caravan owners are underinsured, as many policies only cover the caravan while it is hitched to the car.

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