Motorists break law to avoid penalty points

Motorists are breaking the law in a bid to avoid getting points on their license, it has been claimed.

A study by car insurance
provider Churchill found that 495,000 drivers have traded penalty points for speeding with family members.

Nearly 30 per cent of respondents said that they would accept penalty points from a loved one who was on the verge of being banned.

And a further 23 per cent – seven and a half million people – said they would “beg” their partners to do the same for them.

Frances Browning, spokesperson for Churchill said: “This research shows the lengths that some drivers will go to in order to stay on the roads despite committing driving offences such as speeding.”

She added:” The way to avoid a speeding ban in the first place is simple – drive responsibly.”

One effect of a licence ban for drivers is the possibility of a hike in the price of their car insurance

Losing a driving licence can also have a detrimental effect on work and may lead to loss of employment where someone drives for a living.

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