Motoring Savings: How to Cut Costs

New forces are being proposed to prevent dangerous drivers from getting away with offences such as tail gating and undertaking. 

As reported on the BBC, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond will explain the new strategy which will see Police receive new powers to distribute on the spot fines for careless driving, rather than taking them to court.

The fines could see motorists charged at least £80 then and there, as well as receive three points on their licence.

Is this just another way the Government is cutting costs through cutting the need for lengthy court procedures, and proposing a new method to retrieve more money from already cash strapped motorists?

According to the AA, a typical 50 litre tank refill costs £7.46 more for petrol than it did a year ago, and this rises to £10.05 for diesel.  This means the average two-car family has to budget for an extra £31.68 a month to accommodate the high cost of fuel.

Save Money on Motoring

ï Drive Carefully: If the above proposals are accepted by the Government and implemented, it is even more vital motorists drive carefully.

ï No Undertaking: Adopting a smoother driving style can significantly reduce the amount of petrol your car uses, so make sure you take extra care when approaching junctions and traffic lights.  Also abstain from under taking, as now not only will this use excess petrol, but you could also face an £80 fine.

ï MOT: Make sure you have regular MOT services.  If your car is old it may need certain parts replacing to make it more efficient on the road.

ï Economical Cars:  Or why not trade your fast motor for a more economical one.  If you do not think you are quite ready to embrace the electric car to adopt the most eco-friendly form of travel, then take a look at more economical petrol or diesel motors on the market.  A smaller car will usually be more economical as it has less metal to move per journey, as will cars with smaller engines.

ï Car Insurance:  If you swap your fast car for a more environmentally friendly one, you may also find you get a better deal on your car insurance too.

ï Multi-Car Insurance:  If your family all has their own car then you could investigate getting an insurance policy which can incorporate all the vehicles.  Often a good discount is offered per vehicle added on multi car insurance policies.  This could also help cut the cost for young adults and new drivers who are unable to meet the high cost of car insurance, for which rates are very high.

ï Best Cashback Deals:  If your car insurance or vehicle warranty is up for renewal, now is the perfect time to compare the market for the best deal.  If you use the Moneyexpert comparison tool to search for the best car insurance policy, they will give you £25 cashback.  Likewise, if you apply for car warranty on Simply Switch with Warranty Direct, customers receive a handy £40 cashback which could go towards that weeks fuel fill up.

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