Motor insurance claims ‘rising’ as winter weather hits.

The wintry weather has led to a sudden surge in motor insurance claims, The AA has reported.

According to the motoring body’s insurance division, the number of claims up to 11.30 this morning in its Cardiff office was 31 per cent higher than the normal tally on a Friday in winter, at 381 instead of the average 291.

Noting that the first snow-related claim came in at 07:22, director of AA Insurance Simon Douglas said: “Since then, there have been 60 specific claims for collisions in the snow and ice and a dozen customers have ended up in ditches.”

Motorists may wish to ensure they have the best value-for-money car insurance deal as the winter goes on, with the possibility of further snowy weather.

Earlier this week, Post Office Car Insurance warned that drivers can increase their chances of an accident in winter conditions if they try to cut costs on car maintenance.

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