Motor insurance claims ‘frequent early in year’

The first two months of the year are large ones for motor insurance claims, Co-operative Insurance has said.

It stated that nearly 19 per cent of claims on house and car cover are made in this period of the year.

“Our figures from the last two years show that January and February are the worst months for both home and motor insurance claims – mainly due to the weather,” commented functional leader of the company James Hillon.

He advised that car insurance customers can take steps to lower the risk of needing to make a claim.

These include checking antifreeze levels, using de-icer and scrapers, ensuring tyres, lights and wipers are in good condition and having an emergency kit for the car, comprising a blanket, torch, water bottle, scraper and a first aid kit.

Earlier this month, AA Insurance said that Monday December 21st had been the worst day of the year so far for accidents, a situation it blamed on the snowy weather.

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