Most car-friendly cities revealed

Scotland is home to the city best suited to car drivers while Wales is home to the worst, according to a new study.

Dundee is the most car-friendly city in Britain, researchers from Virgin Money Car Insurance have concluded.

And they claim that Cardiff is the worst, based on assessment of a number of factors including petrol prices, parking, car crime and car insurance costs.

It is the second consecutive year that both cities have been awarded their respective titles in the survey.

However, Jason Wyer-Smith of Virgin Money Car Insurance did point out that the report is just a generalisation based on statistics.

“There are bound to be drivers in Dundee who cannot believe their city should top the list just as there will be people in Cardiff who love driving there,” he said.

Other contenders for the top spot included Aberdeen, Telford, Ipswich and Dudley, while Cardiff beat Hull, Stoke and Leeds to claim the dubious honour of being top of the worst cities list.

Commenting on the report, Philip Hale of Trafficmaster said: “Cardiff is next to the busy M4 motorway, which won’t have helped its cause in lifting itself off the bottom of the car friendly tables.”

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