Mortgages Rates ñ Best Fixed Rates on the Market

If you are keen to fix your mortgage, then take a look at this guide on the best fixed rates currently being offered to mortgage owners and first time buyers.

Having a fixed rate mortgage means homeowners know exactly how much their monthly mortgage repayments will be.  The benefits to this are you know what you have to repay and they are not going to rise above what you can afford. You can then save enough each month to accommodate this.

Those who are currently enjoying low monthly mortgage repayments may be looking to fix their variable interest mortgage to prevent the interest from getting too high when the base rate moves up. 

What to look for in a fixed rate mortgage

To understand which fixed rate mortgage is the best one for you, you need to consider how long you want the term of the rate to last for.  If you are hoping fixed rate mortgages will offer better deals further along the line then you may look to consider fixing for the short term, for example with a short term 12 month fixed rate mortgage.

Also factor in the fees the provider charges for switching to the fixed rate, the interest rate they are offering, and the maximum loan to value ratio (LVR) required to be eligible for the product.

Top Fixed Rate Mortgages


For First Time Buyers, movers and remortgage customers with a maximum loan size of £250,000 the Santander 2 year fixed rate mortgage could be a good option. If customers have a minimum deposit of 40 percent, the booking fee for this fixed rate mortgage is £1,995 and mortgage owners can enjoy a fixed rate of 2.79 percent for two years.


Nationwide is offering a 3 year fixed rate mortgage product at a competitive rate of 3.79 percent.  First time buyers can take advantage with this product. It has a booking fee of £999, and a deposit of 30 percent is required to apply.


Barclays has announced a new range of fixed rate mortgages, including a competitive three year fixed rate product offering a 3.99 percent interest rate at 70 percent loan to value with an application fee of £499.

Clydesdale Bank

For something with a longer term, Clydesdale Bank is offering a 5 year fixed rate at 4.59 percent.  Customers looking to apply for this are required to have a deposit of 35 percent, while booking fees are charged at £499.

Yorkshire Building Society

For another low interest rate, the Yorkshire Building Society has a two year fixed rate mortgage product with an interest rate of 2.99 percent.  The booking fee however is quite steep at £1,995, although a deposit of only 25 percent is required.

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