More people are ‘claiming on their car insurance’

Those involved in car accidents are more likely to make a personal injury claim than in previous years, one expert has suggested.

Simon Douglas, director of AA insurance, noted Association of British Insurers’ comments that people are more inclined to seek a payout.

He remarked: “This suggests that those involved in accidents are much more inclined to make personal injury claims, even for non-serious injuries such as minor whiplash cured by painkillers over a couple of days.”

According to Mr Douglas, there was encouraging news concerning road casualties, with recently published Department for Transport statistics showing an eight per cent decrease for the year up to March 2009, when compared to the previous year.

It is likely that rising fuel prices and the ongoing credit crunch have contributed to fewer people using their vehicle, he stated.

Automobile owners were recently advised by Peter Staddon of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association to consider how comprehensive their insurance cover is, rather than just looking at the price.

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