More Brits joining Neighbourhood Watch schemes

More Brits are choosing to join their local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, in an effort to stay safe and make new friends.

Figures have shown that the number of customers declaring membership of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme when getting home insurance quotes increased by 38% in 2011.

That is the finding of insurance website Gocompare, which conducted research to find out why people are joining the schemes.

The research found that the majority of people who were members of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme felt that their membership was worthwhile, while 18% said that it is a good way to stay in touch with neighbours.

ìIt’s great to see that both community and security in the home is becoming increasingly important in Britain,î said Mark Greening, Head of home insurance at Gocompare.

ìWe would encourage those people who are not members of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to seriously consider becoming part of an official group,î he added.

When it came to being part of a Neighbourhood Watch, 38% said that minding each otherís houses during holidays was the main benefit.

A further 31% said that looking out for elderly neighbours was the main benefit, while 28% said it was having a network of neighbours to call on in an emergency.

But the research found that it isnít just Neighbourhood Watch members who look out for each other ñ 46% of people said that they have a good relationship with at least one of their neighbours, while 44% would help out a neighbour if they were in need.

ìImproving your home’s security by pulling together can only be a good thing,î added Mr Greening.

ìAs well as strengthening the community and helping you get to know more people in your local area, active membership could, in some cases, help reduce your home insurance premium.î

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