on EDF energy price rises

Sean Gardner, Director,, said:

"Given that EDF are already at the foot of the table in terms of price, these increases are going to be a further kick in the teeth for their 7.9 million customers. Putting gas bills up by 22% and electricity by 17% is a huge increase, pretty much equivalent to double the increases they’d already implemented in January."

"Our research earlier in the year showed that nearly 1.4 million people missed a payment on energy bills and that figure is only likely to rise with moves such as this."

"Admittedly it looks like the hike won’t just be suffered by EDF customers. When Centrica chief executive Jake Ulrich advises wearing two jumpers instead of one only the wildly optimistic would see anything but further price rises on the horizon."

"That said, though, EDF customers really should take these rises as a wake up call and start looking around for a better deal. It’s certainly out there."

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