Mobile phones portray financial style

A new survey draws parallels between the way a person uses their mobile phone and the way they manage their money.

The survey, commissioned by Lloyds TSB, distinguished four distinct groups of people among the 50 million mobile phone users in the UK, and their financial style.

Internet banking has given consumers more choice and accessibility to financial services such as taking out home and personal loans, and examining how people use one type of technology can give an indication of how they will deal with their finances.

Donna Dawson, leading psychologist, said: “As access to our money is, to a great extent, governed by technology, our mobile phone habits will often say a lot about how we handle our finances.”

People who were stand-offish with their phone calls often saw their phone only as a means to keep in touch. Their controlling attitude made them keen internet bankers, and they were always on top of their debts.

The second group were slapdash, careless with their phone, often forgetting to check messages or charge the battery although the phone was essential for their work. This translated to haphazard finances, much like the trendy group who used their phone all the time, running up large bills.

Reluctant mobile phone users, who grudgingly accepted the new technology, were shown to be unwilling borrowers as well, and less likely to take out a loan.

The survey found that 60 per cent of people use internet banking, and one in ten would be keen to receive bank balances by text message.

As the third generation (3G) mobile phone market develops, the personal lending market may find a new way to interact with borrowers.

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