Mighty savings from Mighty Deals

Check out our brand new and rather exciting deals website, Mighty Deals, where you can find the very best bargains out available.

The new website offers the chance to grab some great discounted deals and make significant savings.

Times are tough and with many people opting for IOUs instead of gifts this Christmas, many people are looking for ways to make savings. You can still ensure that your loved ones get a great gift this Christmas with some fantastic offerings from Mighty Deals though.

You can enjoy the things you love at a price you will love even more. Whether youíre shopping for treats for yourself or bulk buying for loved ones, the right deal is waiting for you.

Donít hang back if you spot a great offer. Each deal has a timer so be quick to grab a great deal before the timer ends and reaches 0:00:00. But donít worry, there are a number of other fantastic deals on the website.

Below, we have taken a quick look at what you could get for him, her and the rest of the family.

What to get for him?

Men can sometimes be hard to buy for depending on their personality. The latest research from musicmagpie.co.uk, the cash gifts exchange website, found that men are the most ungrateful when it comes to their gifts at Christmas.

Thousands of embarrassed brothers, boyfriends, sons, fathers and husbands have returned a total of 1.45 million in entertainment gifts within just two weeks of receiving them.
Middle aged men are the most unappreciative, with those aged between 30 and 39 returning 850,000 gifts including CDs, DVDS and other gadgets. One alternative to the typical gadget-style gift could be an experience day out.

On Mighty Deals you can find a number of great alternatives to gadgets, as well as cool gadgets for the ones you love.

For example, a recent deal was a paintballing experience which included a day of Horizon paintballing, with equipment hire included, for just £3!

However, if you believe that your grandfather might not appreciate a paintballing experience, there are plenty of other deals available. For example, maybe a luxury regal collection bathrobe would be more to his liking?

The deal, which has now ended, allowed you to have up to a 58% discount on a luxury bathrobe. The bathrobe (which is worth £59.99) is now just £24.99, saving you a massive £35.00!

Made from 100% ring spun cotton, the stylish bathrobes are designed with a shawl collar, black piping and chic crown logo on the breast pocket. Why not get your gran involved, as the unisex bathrobe is available for both men and women.

What to get for her?

Find the woman in your life something special this Christmas…. or a nice treat for yourself.

A really special treat, which could make a fun gift any time of the year, would be a makeover, haircut and photo shoot. A deluxe makeover at a professional studio would be the perfect way to show your sister, friend, mum, or partner how much you mean to them.

This particular deal allows one person to experience a professional haircut and make-up treatment, complimentary drinks and a professional photo-shoot.
However, if thatís not what you had in mind this Christmas, what about a cute Pandora-style charm bracelet from just £9.99.

The little ones might appreciate a huge stocking full of retro sweets! Once you receive the voucher code from Mighty Deals, place an order with the sweets company and your massive stocking will cost you just £9.99, instead of £27.99. Thatís a sweet treat!

With so many great deals on offer on a daily basis, you are sure to find something that you think would be great for your loved ones this Christmas.


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