Medical Insurance: Private Health Insurance Tips

Medical insurance is sometimes confused with critical illness cover and life insurance, but in its own right can be a life saver, literally.

Medical insurance provides the person to whom it covers, with private health care should then need any treatment.  The insurance provides peace of mind as the policy holder knows that if they should require medical treatment, they can go private and claim back the money on their insurance policy.

Benefits of Medical Insurance

When being treated for a health condition in hospital, a person who uses private health can enjoy their own room which usually comes with an en-suite, rather than a bed on a long ward.

They know they will receive the treatment quickly, and can even choose when they receive it rather than going on a waiting list.

Any other comforts which are likely to aid the personís recovery is also available more easily to those with private medical insurance.

If you require treatment your GP will usually refer you to a specific specialist, but before using the private medical insurance most providers ask that you inform them that you are doing so, to ensure you are covered for that particular treatment.

Applying for medical insurance

Choosing the right medical insurance is the key to being able to use it as it should be, to benefit the person who requires treatment.

 You will not be covered for any illnesses you are currently going under treatment for, these are termed pre-existing conditions, but should be documented on your application so your insurer is aware of them.

The application will ask you to go into any other details regarding your health, as well as personal contact information and your GP and doctorís surgery details too.

Not all medical insurance providers offer the same amount of cover, and often the more they include in the policy the more expensive the premiums will be.

Before deciding what level of cover you will opt for, think about the treatment you are likely to benefit from, as everyone is different.

Also consider the cost of the excess you may be required to pay before claiming on the insurance, a cheaper policy rate may for example charge more per claim making it less affordable for smaller, one off claims.

Private medical insurance is a good choice for those who want to know their family will receive the best medical care should they require treatment.


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