Make the most of the sales ñ if you dare to ask

Make the most of the sales ñ if you dare to ask 
The summer sales are upon us, and the temptation of discounted prices is mixed with the need for retailers to clear out their old stock.
There isnít much that cannot be discounted, so itís up to you to persuade them to do it. Remember that you have nothing to lose, as all retailers ultimately want your custom.
Before you venture into a shop, find out what the best price is online so you can ask the seller to match or better it. You also need to know how much you can afford ñ checking your credit report is a good place to start, especially if youíre going to borrow to fund your purchase. 
Speaking to the right person can help – youíre unlikely to get an extra discount from a junior member of staff, so make sure you negotiate with someone who has the discretion to authorise a deal, such as the store manager or a supervisor.
Some experts say that Brits love to say Yes and find it much harder to say No ñ most people want to be liked, too. So be confident and friendly and try to build a rapport with the sales person so he or she doesnít want to let you down. Donít be tempted to speak first if thereís an awkward gap in the conversation ñ keep quiet and let the seller fill it, hopefully with an offer.  
Try to keep a poker face ñ try not to give away your budget or how much you want an item ñ once you do, youíve lost the upper hand. The price of your main item isnít the only thing you can negotiate ñ try to get extras thrown in, such as a free warranty with a computer.
If you find youíre unable to resist the lure of the sales, make sure your credit report is up to date and that the information on it is accurate before you apply for credit. Even small details like the way your name and address is recorded could have a significant impact. 
Try to avoid making several applications close together as this can signal financial stress.  You can get help finding finance deals that suit your credit profile, and see your credit report and Experian Credit Score whenever you want, with a 30-day trial of Experian CreditExpert. 
If you buy goods or services on your credit card, you have extra protection if things go wrong compared with paying by cash or even debit card, under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.  Just make sure you donít get carried away and can afford to make regular repayments, as missed or late payments stay on your credit report for at least six years.
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