Make 2014 the ëyear of your dreamsí

Whatís your goal for the year ahead? 
Fifty percent of Britons have set themselves the goal to make 2014 the year to take a dream holiday or go travelling[1], according to new research from Experian CreditExpert
The next most popular targets were closer to home, such as home improvements (46%), reducing debts (35%) and buying a new car (32%). More than a quarter (28%) of respondents are also hoping to buy a house this year, 9% to start a business, and 6% are planning to get married.
Looking to the year ahead, a third (33%) said that they are feeling confident about their financial situation heading into the new year. 41% were unsure - feeling neither positive nor negative - while the remaining 26% said they were not feeling positive.
Over half (56%) of respondents said that money and costs were the main barriers to them fulfilling their New Year dreams, the most notable concerns being the overall cost of living (60%) along with a lack of savings (55%). Having a poor credit history (9%) and an inability to borrow money (9%) were also highlighted.
Many of us begin the new year with goals, targets and, well, resolutions. Understanding your financial situation is a key step towards that, and this means not only budgeting the money you have now but also reviewing any outstanding money you owe and planning ahead to be able to secure any credit you may need into the future.
If you do find that your financial situation or credit history is getting in the way of achieving your 2014 dream, the most important thing is to deal with it as soon as possible. Your Experian credit report[2] can give you an invaluable insight into your credit management over the last six years, highlighting the positive and the negative influences affecting your credit rating.
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