Majority of Brits unaware of uninsured drivers’ crackdown

The majority of Brits are unaware that the Department for Transport is trying to crackdown on the number of people taking to the roads without car insurance.

AA Insurance has welcomed this move, which makes it an offence to just own a car without having insurance regardless of whether it is driven or not.

However, research by the firm has found that 60 per cent of its 13,000 members have not heard of the new law and another 38 per cent did not know what it means for drivers.

It is hoped that these new restrictions will help keep uninsured drivers off the road, which may help car insurance premiums come down as accidents caused by uninsured drivers tend to be covered by those who have insurance.

That is because a database is being created, listing motorist who do not have car insurance or a Statutory Off Road Notification.

Simon Douglas, head of AA Insurance, said: "There are estimated to be about 1.4 million cars: about one out of every 25, being driven on Britain's roads without insurance.

"Driving without insurance is not a victimless crime and honest drivers each pay on average about £30 of their car insurance premium as a contribution towards the cost of the damage and injury such drivers cause."

Those looking to reduce the amount of money that they pay on their car insurance may want to use a price comparison site, such as Money Expert, to find the best premiums.

This may be a good idea as the person only needs to enter their details once, such as their address and any no claims bonuses they may have, to compare a range of premiums.

Recent research by found that it may work out cheaper to insure two vehicles on separate policies rather than taking out multi-car insurance.ADNFCR-517-800505042-ADNFCR

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