Major broadband failure by BT

A major ìpower failureî by BT Broadband left customers across the UK without internet connection recently.

The UKís leading Telecoms Company said those affected were into the hundreds of thousands, totalling 5% of its customer base.

The companyís main exchanges in Birmingham broke down, leaving 275,000 customers without an internet facility.

Outraged businesses said they were hit badly by the broadband failure, with many reporting a significant loss in revenue as a result, according to the BBC.

BT was checking over service agreements to see whether it would be liable to award compensation for loss of business or damage to systems.

The internet went down at approximately 1pm and was fully restored by 3 pm.  A company statement said; ìWe can confirm that, as a result of a power failure at one of our major exchanges, some customers may have experienced loss of broadband service for a brief period this afternoon.î

Using Facebook, Twitter and its helpline to communicate with its customers, BT advised their customers to ìturn their hub or modem off and on againî.

The messages read, “We’re aware that a number of you are unable to get online. We’re sorry about this and will keep you updated.

A BT spokesman said that they were not aware of what caused the breakdown. However, engineers are now investigating the problem.

“We have been doing our very best to keep customers informed,” said the spokesperson. “BT apologises for any inconvenience caused.”

Angry customers took the opportunity to vent their frustrations though. Julie Coates tweeted, ìBT broadband down again, 6 new routers later and no sight of the problem being fixed, what a terrible org they have become, v disappointing.î

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