Love and money: do couples see it differently?



Love and money: do couples see it differently?

Weddings are expensive, there's no getting away from it. While "the happiest day of your life" can be memorable, it can also put a strain on the wallet. Before and after marriage, there are often a few disagreements on personal finance, but what are they and why do they happen?

Love and money: do couples see it differently?

People pair up with their partner for all sorts of reasons - and one of the biggest is finances. A nationwide Experian survey of couples in relationships* asked if financial responsibility would make someone more attractive, 29% said it would, while 35% of women said this would make a male 'much more attractive'.

ï    Caring less about careless spending? One surprising result was 29% of people overall being indifferent to partners who spend beyond their means. For men, this figure rose to 35%. Nonetheless, 19% of male respondents said they found women much more attractive if they paid their bills on time.

ï    Staying away from debt Being debt-free was popular across the board, with 58% of female respondents saying that they would find a man much less attractive if in heavy debt. Across both genders in Wales, a massive 62% found being in debt highly undesirable, although 57% of people in the North East said they didn't care whether someone was careful with money.

ï    Savings and secrets What was rather more surprising is that 56% of people knew the extent of their partner's savings, as well as how many bank accounts they had up and running, but just 47% of respondents in London knew about the latter. Conversely, just 69% actually know how much their partner earns, while a third of that total knew of any bonus payments received.

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