Lottery winner is still loving it at McDonalds

Luke Pittard may have scooped a £1.3 million lottery jackpot but his new found riches weren’t enough to keep him away from his glamorous work – at McDonalds.

After initially quitting his £5.85 an hour job the 25 year old soon tired of the good life and reapplied for his staff trainer role at the fast-food outlet in Cardiff. He now works full time, supplementing the £50,000 a year interest his lottery cash will be earning.

Rather tragically, whether or not to return to work might not be an issue for the chump who’s failed to claim their £6.9 million Euromillions jackpot win. The winning ticket for the draw at the end of last September was bought in Devon, but the winner now only has days to claim before the cash is lost.

Staking a claim to those sorts of winnings is sadly beyond most of us, but a huge number of current account customers continue to settle for far less interest than they could lay their hands on. With traditional accounts, offering only 0.1% in-credit interest, being challenged by higher-paying alternatives there’s some good money to be made. gives some top tips on the best current accounts available.

Getting back what you put in

Current accounts aren’t a great way of earning money for banks, and many only really offer them so as to get access to your financial details. Inevitably, then, some of the top paying current accounts will have strings attached, but if you can satisfy these you could be on to a winner.

Both the Alliance and Leicester Premier Direct Account and the Abbey Account pay fantastic rates – 8.5% and 8% gross AER respectively. However, these headline rates are only available on balances up to £2,500, and for a limited period. Alliance & Leicester’s offer lasts until April next year, and Abbey’s, similarly, is only available for 12 months.

You’ll also have to make minimum payments into the account each month: £500 in the case of the Premier Direct Account and £1000 if you choose Abbey.

Best of the rest

Although not as chart topping as those from Alliance and Leicester and Abbey, current accounts with The Bank of Scotland, Cahoot, Halifax, and Nationwide are also all worth considering.

Not such a pretty package

Something to beware of when looking for a current account is the packaged deals now available, offering added perks for a monthly fee. With all the free travel insurance, and car breakdown cover on display these deals may sound fantastic, but often charging considerable monthly sum (the average is £11.61) they’re only good value if you ensure you make the absolute most of what’s on offer.

If the freebies are too much of a temptation then you could do worse than the Bank Account Plus from HSBC. Again it offers an excellent rate of 8% and has the typical perks of worldwide travel insurance and 24/7 telephone banking.

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