London’s status as worst city for card fraud ‘is due to its size’

The reason London is the worst city for credit card fraud is its size and population, it has been claimed.

New research has revealed that London has overtaken Birmingham as the worst location for credit and debit card fraud, rising from fifth position to first within a year.

UK payments association Apacs explained that due to the number of cards issued in the capital, there will always be more transactions occurring and therefore a higher likelihood of fraud.

Mark Bowerman, spokesperson for the association, stated that as long as a cardholder takes adequate precautions to prevent becoming a victim of fraud, Londoners are no more susceptible to the crime than other city dwellers.

“Cash machine fraud, the very first time that happened in the UK, that did start off in London, but that’s a few years ago and now it has spread all over the country,” he added.

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