London Calling

Sean Gardner, Chief Executive of, said:

"Barclaycard’s One Pulse Visa is a genuine advance in the credit card industry and looks set to cause a real stir in London. Experts have been predicting the end of cash for years and this looks set to be another step in that direction.

"The Oyster Card and OneTouch payments for purchases of £10 or under are impressive new features. So far thousands of stores in London have signed up and more will join. It is predicted to help ease congestion in busy Tube stations and shops.

"The credit card itself for purchases of over £10 is pretty competitive with an APR of 14.9% and 0% on purchases for the first six months. There are better deals out there but none which offer the additional benefits of Oyster and OneTouch payments.

"This new "tap and go" technology is spreading fast. Earlier this month MasterCard launched their own PayPass card which will be available through most of the major high street banks.

"It is being tested in London and will be rolled out nationwide later this year and next. It though works alongside a bank account or credit card."

View the details of the One Pulse Credit Card from Barclaycard

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