Link found between test date and crashes

The number of road accidents motorists are involved in can be linked to the month in which they passed their driving test, according to new research.

Can insurance provider Admiral found that although August sees more drivers pass their test than any other month, these motorists are more likely to have an accident in their car.

Fewer drivers succeed in passing their test in December than the rest of the year, but the research found they are the least likely to be involved in a collision.

Sue Longthorn, managing director of the firm, said that she was “surprised” there was a pattern between the number of accidents people had and the month in which they took their test.

“On balance, I’d say the best month to sit your test is January, which has a reasonably high pass rate combined with a fairly low accident rate,” she added.

The survey also found that men are more likely than women to pass their driving test first time round.

According to esure car insurance, there are more claims for car accidents in November than any other month.

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